Sigma symbolizes Society : Sigma Beta Rho believes that we have a responsibility to preserve the community around us by giving back to our family, friends, neighbors, peers, brothers, and those within our surrounding community. It is of utmost importance to each brother that we foster care for our society, because it is the one in which we live in.


Beta symbolizes Brotherhood : The brothers of Sigma Beta Rho represent an indefinable strength, through the common belief of 'Qurbani' or as translated from Hindi, Arabic, and Hebrew, 'Sacrifice.' Our sacrifice to one another brings an invincible bond that unites this Fraternity.


Rho symbolizes Remembrance : In a time when many people are born away from their native land, it is necessary that we embrace and recognize our culture and ancestry. The brothers of Sigma Beta Rho are not only encouraged to cherish their culture, but become aware of the cultural diversity that exists within and without the fraternity.