Founded in 1996, Sigma Beta Rho Fraternity, Incorporated has grown to become a National fraternity with chapters stretching coast to coast. The chapters are spread out in 14 different states, but are strongly bound together by the guidance of our National Council. Our alumni are deeply involved in the growth and development of Sigma Beta Rho as an organization. We strive to become a highly rewarding and widely recognized networking channel for our young professionals and graduates. Our alumni, who are involved in diverse career paths, contribute generously to this goal.

Basic commitments

Even though Sigma Beta Rho continues to grow in a fast and impressive manner, we maintain high standards in expansion and recruitment. We require the groups and individuals who wish to join our Brotherhood to commit to our values of Society, Brotherhood, and Remembrance. Three basic commitments are required:

  • 1. Commitment to serve their community and University as a delegate of Sigma Beta Rho.
  • 2. Commitment to make this Brotherhood stronger than any other through sacrifice, otherwise known as Qurbani.
  • 3. Commitment to bring down cultural and ethnic barriers among Brothers by cultivating cultural awareness among each other.

Besides these basic commitments, the candidates must demonstrate that they excel in academics and other extra curricular activities. They must be an asset to society, as well as to the Fraternity. In doing so, they will better themselves.

Below are listed our chapters, associate chapters, and colonies. These are the college campuses at which we exist.


  1. Α - University of Pennsylvania
  2. Β - SUNY-Binghamton
  3. Γ - St. John's University
  4. Ε - Pace University
  5. Ζ - SUNY-Stony Brook
  6. Η - Boston College
  7. Θ - Rutgers University-New Brunswick
  8. Ι - University of Washington
  9. Κ - University of Rochester
  10. Λ - Virginia Common Wealth University
  11. Μ - University of South Florida
  12. Ν - University of Georgia
  13. Ξ - University of Maryland-College Park
  14. Ο - University of Maryland-Baltimore County
  15. Π - University of Florida
  16. Σ - Georgia Institute of Technology
  17. Τ - University of Houston
  18. Υ - Drexel University
  19. Ψ - Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University
  20. ΑΑ - Florida State University
  21. ΑΒ - Northeastern University
  22. ΑΓ - Oregon State University
  23. ΑΔ - University of Tennessee at Knoxville

Associate Chapters

  1. Baruch College
  2. East Tennessee State University
  3. Indiana University
  4. Syracuse University
  5. University of Pittsburgh


  1. Boston University
  2. Florida International University
  3. Michigan State University
  4. Rutgers University-Newark
  5. Stevens Institute of Technology
  6. SUNY-Albany
  7. SUNY-Buffalo
  8. University of Minnesota Twin Cities
  9. University of Illinois-Chicago
  10. University of Illinois-Urbana-Champaign
  11. University of Massachusetts- Lowell
  12. University of North Florida
  13. University of South Carolina
  14. University of Tennessee-Chattanooga
  15. Oklahoma State University
  16. University of Michigan